The Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Outdoor Transparent LED display, also known as LED Curtain screen, is mainly used for outdoor advertising glass wall. With its advantages and creativity of thinness, no steel frame structure, invisible installation, and good permeability. Outdoor transparent LED display appears in city landmarks, municipal buildings, airports, auto 4S stores, hotels, banks, chain stores, etc. The LED curtain screen has more high-definition. It has outstanding contrast and eye-catching brightness levels that make this screen's display quality a lot more unique and attractive compared to its alternatives. The LED video curtain screen portrays vibrant images and videos even if installed in high ambient temperatures. In addition, these high-definition LED displays can be easily bent and molded in any shape. This is because of their pliable and tough silicone rubber build and design.. LED curtain display's brightness can scale up to 10,000 nits during the day and automatically drop to lower brightness at night. This adaptability converts a giant building surface into a vast media façade that can visually play text, videos, and animation. Perfect for outdoor installation, Envision LED curtain walls create a meaningful view in buildings, outside vicinities of restaurants, hotels, establishments, and shopping malls. Due to its waterproof nature, an LED curtain display can stand rain or shine weather conditions. Freeform LED media facade elements release you from the limitations of traditional video products. They are adaptable to fit a wide variety of applications including architectural lighting, dynamic channel lettering, providing transparency to video displays, and media facades. Enhance structural designs into visual landmarks with colorful animations and effects.

Products Details


High brightness. Though the energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen,it’s still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.

High transparency.Transparency can reach up to 65%-90% with the highest resolution, screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter.

Easy maintenance and update. Long lifespan. Replace LED strip instead of the whole LED module for the maintenance.

Energy Savings. Our transparent LED display uses safe and highly efficient systems, we guarantee you to save much more energy compared to regular non- transparent LED display.

Extremely Light-weight and ultra slim for easy shipping, install and maintain.

High protection grade -- IP68.


Self-heat Dissipation. With a unique design of our transparent LED display, our product will last longer and stay brighter. As heart can damage many components.

●  High transparency, high light transmittance. ●  Simple structure and light weight ●  Fast installation and easy maintenance ●  Green energy saving, good heat dissipation Envision outdoor transparent LED screen has a low wind resistance and no steel structure is needed. The transparent LED screen allows front-end maintenance, which is convenient for maintaining and installing. Additionally, as no air conditioner or fan is needed to cool down, Envision LED curtain screen saves energy and costs by more than 40% more than other traditional transparent LED screens.Equipped with a 500*1000*60mm aluminum LED panel, the Envision outdoor transparent LED display is made of light bars. It is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, and other fields. Unlike traditional outdoor LED video walls, Envision transparent outdoor LED display breaks through the restrictions on installation on buildings and walls, which brings more flexibility and options for outdoor LED video wall projects.stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11

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