The Indoor and Outdoor Flexible LED Display Panel

As a new type of indoor led display, the Flexible LED display has been widely used in many exhibitions and retail stores. Compared with the traditional soft led display, it has many advantages as following :

Adopt special design circuit layout PCB multi-layer process design, the optional bending angle >135°, suitable for cylinder, wave, ribbon screen and other artistic shape. The soft bottom shell eliminates the electronic, hollow-carved design, large magnetic force and good flatness. Flatness can be adjustable.

Adsorption installation, no warping, easy to maintain, higher security, high gray and high refresh rate design, the gray level reach to 10-16bit, refresh rate can reach to 3840hz, make LED screen image no delay and shadow, adopt distributed scanning and modular design, higher technical reliability and stability.

Envision Flexible LED Display is perfect for rental and staging events, with easy assembly and disassembly, and can be easily moved - so you can use it anywhere! Envision Flexible LED display consists of a base unit and several panels that are connected together to form the LED panel.

Envision Flexible LED Display is not limited by the space.The flexible LED display can be bent with a certain curve, it's widely applied in stage background and irregular places. The bending range of flexible led display is between R100~R600 which depends on your needs. When you want to put it in the suitcase and take it to the outdoor location,or maybe use it as a stage screen,it's quite convenient. Ultra thin module makes sure no weight limit on the model size.

Products Details


Widely use for the different application especially for arc installation.  Very suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, indoor conference room, and other places that need special-shapes LED display.

Ultra-Thin And Ultra-Light.

High refresh rate from 3840Hz to 7680Hz. and stable running are all ensured.

High quality with a low maintenance cost, low failure rate.

Small pixel pitch available from P1.875mm to P4mm.


Easy to install and maintenance. Time-saving and easy operation, allow to assemble LED display screens directly from the front.

During the assembly process, the magnet on the back of the module can be adjusted to the adjustment gap at the uneven position. For flatness, please take the module out and adjust it after adjusting it. Please do not pull violently.Suitable for all kinds modules ,Upgrade replacement is easyThe module is soft and flexible, could be designed into any different shapes as you can imaging.Long-term aging test, 10,000 bending and folding tests, 1500-days terminal market application.It is waterproof, transparent, quick installation and easy to maintain.Magnet suitable adjustment to ensure flatnessstage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11

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