The Indoor Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED display, also known as LED glass screen, is mainly used for architectural glass see through curtain wall. Envision offers quality transparent led display for indoor shops,exhibition display,creative visual design, outdoor advertising and more applications. Comparing to traditional LED display, the key feature of Transparent LED Display is it adopt special technology on the SMT manufacturing process,such as the improvements from led encapsulation,control systems and with the hollow design of the structure. This maximize the perspective effect and meet with the end customer’s requirement that would like to maintain the visibility behind the LED display. Nowadays, many malls and shops want to brand their products and get passers-by involved in a new shopping experience. There is no doubt that transparent LED display is a perfect for creative branding.

Products Details


High brightness. Though the energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen,it’s still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.

High transparency.Transparency can reach up to 75%-95% with the highest resolution, screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter.

Easy maintenance and update. Long lifespan. Replace LED strip instead of the whole LED module for the maintenance.

Energy Savings. Our transparent LED display uses safe and highly efficient systems, we guarantee you to save much more energy compared to regular non- transparent LED display. 

Light-weight Design for easy shipping, install and maintain.

Module design. As per the best pixel pitch standard, dimension can assemble a big screen.


Self-heat Dissipation. With a unique design of our transparent LED display, our product will last longer and stay brighter. As heart can damage many components.

Indoor transparent LED display can do advertising and branding in the area while the attention is still on the product itself. Also, natural lights and the lighting from the building can pass through, in order to save costs. Transparent LED display applied outdoors is with high transparency from 30% to 80%, while displaying the image clearly and the natural lights can still pass through into the building. A win-win solution achieves both advertising and saving lighting costs.stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11

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