The Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display/HD LED Display

Ultra Fine pixel pitch led display, also known as HD led screen or small pixel pitch LED display, refers to LED display with pixel spacing less than 2.5mm.It is mainly used in indoor environment, such as high-end conference rooms, radio and television stations, military control centers, airports or subways. The rapid development of small size LED packaging technology enables small pixel spacing LED displays to display seamless 2K, 4K and even 8K resolutions. Led video wall is more and more popular with the public because of its 4k high-quality display images. By 2022, displays with 1.56mm, 1.2mm and 0.9mm spacing have become mature. Compared with LCD, the ultra Fine Pixel Pitch LED display slowly replaces the LCD video wall and is increasingly widely used in high-end media solutions, such as government security monitoring center, traffic department control center, group board video conference hall, TV station studio, creative visual design center, etc., relying on the outstanding features of true seam free, high refresh rate(upto 7680Hz refresh rate), excellent contrast and excellent image presentation. Due to these outstanding characteristics, the market share of ultra fine HD LED displays in these segments is growing rapidly.

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3840-7680Hz refresh rate, high dynamic picture display is real and natural.

Optional power supply and signal dual backup function.

Die-cast aluminum and seamless design.The panel is manufactured by using high precision mold & CNC process, with joint accuracy up to 0.01mm. Therefore, the assembly is made of perfect joints for uniform display.

Metal heat dissipation, ultra-quiet fan less design.

Wide color gamut, uniform color, no rainbow effect, delicate and soft picture.

stage-event11stage-event11The Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display is designed to be attached to the die-cast magnesium alloy panel via strong magnetic attachments. The LED module, power supply and receiving card are fully serviceable from front, reducing the need of having a service platform at the back. Therefore, the installation can be slimmer.Our Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display supports three different types of installation methods. Depending on your needs, it can be: ●  Standalone with steel frame backing ●  Hanging with optional hanging bars ●  Wall mountedWe utilize 640mm x 480mm LED panel for our Fine Pixel Pitch series. It does not matter whether you choose P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2.0 or P2.5, the overall screen size can be the same. Therefore, it gives you truly flexible selection with different price range and screen sharpness that you are seeking in your installation. The Fine Pixel Pitch LED display is lightweight and easy to handle, enabling it to be an attractive application for faceted curved video walls, hanging video walls, traditional video walls favoring a compact fine pitch solution. It plays a key role in sharing a high volume of data and information accurately, which can be used in large institutions, transportation facilities, crisis centers, public safety, Call Centers, and other industries. We have the extensive experience and flexibility to handle the various situations related to any size of installation for the HD LED Display.stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11

500-800 lumen brightness and high gray technology, 5000:1high contrast ratio for deeper black and brighter white. low power consumption.

Easy Maintenance with full front service. In case of a failure, led display can be easily repaired, replacement of individual diode is possible.

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