The Outdoor Rental LED Display Panel

Outdoor Rental LED display refers to renting a LED display that utilizes LED technology. LED has become today’s standard for display technology due to its superior brightness, color contrast and energy efficiency. For the LED rental display, it is usually made of die-casting aluminum cabinet, the structure is light and thin, the stability is high, it i convenient to install and disassemble at any time, suitable for holding concerts and stage performances. Outdoor rental LED display need to be moved frequently, repeatedly disassembled and installed, so the requirements for products are high, and the product shape design, structural design, material selection are all stressful. For example, if a concert is finished, it can be disassembled and transported to the other one in a limited time.

Products Details


Concave or convex installation with curved locks.

Slim and lightweight design.

High refresh rate and grayscale, providing excellent and vivid images.

Two size cabinet design, meeting with different requirement.

Fast lock design, fast connection.

High quality CNC die-casting design, seamless splicing.


Wide viewing angle, clear and visible images, attracting more audiences.

With a convenient lightweight of 8.5k for 500x1000 cabinet, the outdoor LED display screen is easy to transport and install. Die-casting aluminum body makes it safe and stable. The outdoor LED display screen consists of IP65 waterproof processes to ensure high quality and usage outdoors. Parts with waterproof are as followed: ●  LED Lamp ●  Power Connector ●  Signal Connector ●  PCB Board The outdoor LED display screen contains Nationstar SMD1921 with high brightness up to 6000nits. The brightness is adjustable from 1000nits to 6000nits.stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11stage-event11

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